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Super Precision Straight Shank Shell Mill Arbor For Bridgeport Machine

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R8 taper shank milling cutter has the following characteristics:

1. R8 taper shank:R8 is a common tool taper shank specification, with good rigidity and precision, suitable for taper shank clamping system, which can ensure the stability and cutting effect of the tool.

2. Sleeve type clamping: R8 taper shank sleeve type milling cutter adopts a sleeve type clamping design, which can quickly and easily replace the milling head and improve work efficiency.

3. Compatible with various specifications: R8 taper shank milling cutter holder can adapt to milling cutter heads of different specifications, with high flexibility and wide application range.

4. High-precision machining: R8 tapered shank milling cutter has high manufacturing precision, which can maintain the precise fit between the tool and the workpiece, and provide high-precision machining quality.

5. Strong durability: The R8 taper shank milling cutter holder is made of high-quality materials, which has good durability and wear resistance, and can be used for long-term cutting operations. In general, the R8 taper shank shell milling cutter has the characteristics of good rigidity and precision, convenient shell clamping system, strong adaptability and high-precision machining, and is a reliable tool commonly used in milling.

Type R8-FMB22-7/16 R8-FMB27-7/16 Brand
Usage Cnc Milling Machine Lathe Material 40CrMo
MOQ 3 PCS coating uncoated



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