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SCA Side Cutter Adapter

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Product Name SCA Side Cutter Adapter Material 65Mn
Brand MSK Hardness 44-48
Origin Tianjin Accuracy ≤0.03
MOQ 5pcs per size Clamping range M1-M60
Coated Uncoated Applicable machine tools Drilling Machine

1.Applicable to all kinds of tapping machines and electric tapping machines pneumatic tapping machines to reduce processing costs.

2. With the advantages of torque overload protection, high precision, high sensitivity, long service life, etc.

3. Torque tapping collet, when the rotating force by the tapped material reaction force is too large (overload protection), will be idle slippage, to protect the tapping is not broken by the reaction force, but also to ensure that the tapped products, molds, materials will not be tapped because of broken troubles, or scrap products, molds, thereby improving processing efficiency and reducing processing costs

Side Cutter ArborSCA Side Cutter AdapterSCA Side Cutter Holder BTBT-SCASide Cutter ArborSCA Side Cutter AdapterSCA Side Cutter Holder BTSide Cutter Arbor



Revolutionize your tapping process with the SCA Side Cutter Adapter! This breakthrough tool changes manufacturing by combining all kinds of tapping machines - electric and pneumatic - to cut processing costs significantly. With torque overload protection capabilities at its core, this innovative tool handles high torque pressure without damaging it during operations.

As a result, manufacturers save considerably on material loss and production restarts expenses! The SCA Side Cutter Adapter excels in durability and robustness while delivering excellent precision and sensitivity for years of seamless performance while staying affordable for budgets alike! Its unique feature is undoubtedly its patented torque-tapping collet. A highly innovative feature sets apart the SCA Side Cutter Adapter from its competitors. The adapter's design considers rotating force by taking into account tapped material reaction force—this offers manufacturers peace of mind against breakages resulting from excessive rotational forces.

There's no denying how critical this capability becomes when working with fragile materials or when dealing with complex products requiring delicate handling.

Moreover, this cutting-edge tool comes equipped with a torque tapping collet feature ensuring product quality standards remain high—the resulting accuracy and precision lead to satisfied customers' feedback levels exceeding expectations.

The versatility of this adapter deserves mention; it works seamlessly with various kinds of tapping machines (electric/pneumatic).

Thus regardless of industry type or production process setup phase requirement(s), there exists an affordable yet top-performing solution - The SCA Side Cutter Adapter - perfect for manufacturing settings worldwide. When working with tapping tools ensuring operator safety is critical. Therefore when designing the SCA Side Cutter Adapter prioritizing this aspect was crucial. The outcome was a tool designed with a user friendly interface that greatly minimizes injury risks and maintains maximum operator safety during use.

Aside from its exceptional safety features there are numerous reasons why one might consider upgrading their tapping process with the SCA Side Cutter Adapter. It boasts unique features such as torque overload protection and high sensitivity- all coupled with extraordinary precision and longer service life than other comparable tools—making it stand out among its peers.

Whether running a small business or managing larger manufacturing corporations this highly versatile tool can meet your needs while remaining affordable without compromising product quality results for customers. Investing in an SCA Side Cutter Adapter provides optimized production phases while enhancing product quality - delivering significant improvements to your tapping process capabilities.


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