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How to choose and purchase R8 reducing sleeve correctly

1) Firstly, select the taper hole specifications of the variable diameter sleeve based on the shank diameter of the drill bit: MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4

That is, the taper shank of the drill bit corresponds to the taper hole of the variable diameter sleeve

2) Determine the required thread specification for the end of the reducer sleeve, using M12 for metric purposes × 1.75, the English version is 7/16-20UNF

What is the difference between the R8 reducing sleeve and the R8 milling cutter intermediate sleeve?

Answer: The variable diameter sleeve is used to fit the taper shank drill bit; The middle sleeve of the milling cutter is used to fit the taper shank milling cutter, and the middle sleeve of the milling cutter does not have metric or English functions

Suitable for turret equipment, used for clamping taper shank drills, taper shank milling cutters, and taper shank cutting tools

Main features

High hardness, full product inspection, fully bright appearance, surface roughness Ra<0.005mm

Type R8-MS1 R8-MS2 R8-MS3 R8-MS4 Surface treatment Quench
Brand MSK Material #45
Application Machine Tool OEM & ODM YES



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