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New MT2-B10 MT2-B12 Back Pull Morse Drill Chuck Arbor For Drilling Machine

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The Back Pull Morse Drill Adapter is a tool used to attach a drill bit to the spindle of a drill machine, and features the following:

1.The main feature of the back pull Morse drill adapter is that it can automatically lock the drill bit and keep it in the correct position, which greatly improves the accuracy of the operation.

2. The handle of the back-pull Morse drill adapter adopts a two-handed design, which can be more stable and convenient during operation. 

3. The back-pull Morse drill adapter has a wide range of applications and can be used for various types and specifications of drill bits. 

4. The material of back-pull Morse drill adapter is usually high-quality alloy steel, which has good durability and stability. 

The method of use is as follows: 

1.Insert the back-pull Morse drill adapter into the spindle of the drill press, and make sure that the threaded part is tightly connected to the spindle.

2. Manually pull up the handle, the drill bit will automatically lock in the correct position after releasing. 

3. Mount the workpiece on the table and make sure the distance and angle between the drill bit and the workpiece are correct. 

4. Adjust the rotation speed and feed rate, and start the drilling machine for processing

Material 45# Brand MSK
Type MT2-B10 MT2-B12 MT2-B16 MT2-B18 MT3-B10 MT3-B12 MT3-B16 Application Milling Machine Drilling Machine
OEM YES Advantage Ordinary Product



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