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ISO / SK / BT Pull Studs For BT Taper Type Tool Holders

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Brand MSK Coated Uncoated
Origin Tianjin Product Name ISO / SK / BT Pull Studs for BT taper type tool holders
Type Milling Tools MOQ 5pcs per size
Processing range 30 40 50 Material 40Cr
Handle Type Integral Applicable machine tools Boring Machine

1. Quenching and hardening, using vacuum quenching process, wear-resistant and rust-proof, the overall increase in the hardness of the spigot.

2. Water spigot, water out of the center through-hole, deep groove hole processing spigot hole internal cooling, cooling tool shank effect.

3. Thread explosion-proof, to protect the shank thread, thread neatly without missing teeth, no burr.

Pull stud bt40Cat40 pull stud

Sk 40 pull stud


The latest addition to our product line is the high-quality Pull Studs, which any precision-focused machine shop would find indispensable. These pull studs are designed using cutting-edge engineering and technology that set them apart from competing products.

One of their key features includes their quenching and hardening process known as vacuum quenching. This unique process equips the pull studs with properties like wear-resistance, rust-proof capabilities, and elevated spigot hardness. Our Pull Studs are equipped with exceptional features, including an increased spigot hardness that ensures stability and durability of the machined part. Additionally, users can benefit from multiple uses while being assured of their pull stud's longevity.

A unique feature of our product is the deep groove hole that facilitates internal cooling, reliably minimizing wear and tear and prolonging both the tool and pull stud's lifespan. Our Pull Studs feature a ground shank that ensures better accuracy during the machining process. This results in higher productivity and efficiency, making it a wise investment for any machine shop. Additionally, our Threaded Studs are explosion-proof with neat threading designs, ensuring safety in the machining process while also reducing downtime and repair costs.

Our Pull Studs are designed to meet the requirements of modern machine shops, offering superior quality and durability. The combination of vacuum quenching and deep groove hole processing spigot hole internal cooling design make our pull studs stand out from the competition. They provide wear-resistance, rust-proofing, and longevity with a guarantee for ultimate precision during machining. Our explosion-proof threading feature also ensures operational safety, making our pull studs an excellent investment for machine shop owners.

Stop waiting and start enhancing your machining process by investing in our Pull Studs today!

Argument: Our Pull Studs are a must-have, so don't delay in getting them.


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