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High Rigidity Superior Shock Resistance BT-C mill chuck For milling Machine

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Product Name High Performance Top Cut 25mm indexable insert drill for Industry Material 20CrMnTi
Brand MSK Processing range 3-42
Origin Tianjin type milling tool
MOQ 5pcs per size Spot goods yes
coating non-coated Applicable machine tools Milling machine

1. High steel, superior shock resistance, using 20CrMnTiH high quality steel. Long service life, carburizing quenching process, high surface hardness, strong fatigue resistance and high wear resistance, keep the heart with low carbon steel quenching strong toughness, so that the shank can withstand a certain impact and load, this shank carburizing quenching hardness ≤ HRC56 degrees, carburizing depth > 0.8 mm.

2. Double dustproof design, thickened inside and outside. Clamping fastening force is uniform, effectively avoiding the internal rusting of the shank stuck and other phenomena, while avoiding iron chips stuck shank mouth during processing; thickened inside and outside to withstand heavy cutting of the tool.

3. Adopting unique clamping structure, it can use the clamping part to deform evenly to obtain strong clamping force and stable runout accuracy.

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The Definitive Milling Machine Chuck - Unveiled!

For any machinist worth their salt having access to top quality equipment is non negotiable - which is why we're thrilled about our latest product release! Our next generation milling machine chuck is the ultimate tool for any serious machinist providing exceptional quality and unmatched performance. The milling machine chuck is expertly crafted from superior 20CrMnTiH steel boasting exceptional shock resistance and outstanding durability.

The use of a carburizing quenching process during its manufacture ensures that it maintains a surface hardness capable of withstanding even the most rigorous workloads preventing fatigue and reducing wear and tear. Its shank design features a high low carbon steel quenching combination providing added impact resistance and load bearing capacity- resulting in an impressive carburizing quenching hardness score of ≤ HRC56 degrees coupled with a carburizing depth exceeding 0.8mm.

Our commitment to precision and accuracy is evident in every aspect of our milling machine chuck. Its innovative design includes a double dustproof feature that sets it apart from competitors protecting against contamination and malfunctions. The consistent and accurate results make it an essential tool for any professional machining application.

With compatibility across a wide range of machinery our milling machine chuck is versatile and reliable. Are you tired of subpar results from your milling machine?

Our advanced milling machine chuck is here to change that. Made with high quality steel and featuring superior shock resistance and a double dustproof design this incredible tool offers unmatched precision and reliability in any application.

Don't settle for mediocrity - try our milling machine chuck today and revolutionize your machining process.


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