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High Performance Top Cut 25mm Indexable Insert Drill For Industry

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Product Name High Performance Top Cut 25mm indexable insert drill for Industry Hardness 44-48
Brand MSK Material H13
Origin Tianjin precisionprecision ±10
MOQ 5pcs per size Spot goods yes
Applicable machine tools Milling machine

1.Quenching and hardening, high-hardness steel,The overall use of high-hardness H13 special steel, after quenching, carburizing and grinding processes, makes the U drill have a higher content of carbon and vanadium, comprehensively improving wear resistance and sturdiness.

2.Balanced force, stable and efficient, through the reasonable distribution of the position of the central cutting edge and the peripheral cutting edge, the drilling stability of the U-drill is effectively improved.

3.Water outlet from inner hole, effective temperature control,The double-helix internal cooling system can effectively cool down the temperature, so that the U drill canMore stable and efficient operation.

Indexable insert drillU drill for cncCarbide Indexable Insert DrillsHigh Performance Top Cut 25mm indexable insert drill for IndustryU drill for cnc

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Get ready to experience our latest breakthrough - the Indexable Insert Drill tailor-made for modern manufacturing requirements that prioritizes precision, durability, and efficiency above all else. This drill has been engineered to meet even the most stringent drilling requirements efficiently with ease.

Our team has used high-hardness H13 special steel renowned globally for outstanding quenching and hardening properties during construction, making it durable in use.

Through specialized procedures like quenching followed by carburizing and grinding techniques during surface treatment stages- this U drill's carbon content increases along with added vanadium components that enhance wear resistance capabilities while making it robust.

The balanced force this drill possesses is one of its standout characteristics; both central as well as peripheral cutting edge positions are systemically distributed across its design leading to improved stability even under difficult drilling conditions.

This force directly impacts the accuracy of the drill and elevates its overall performance capabilities.

Our Indexable Insert Drill guarantees optimal performance across various materials, making it an indispensable tool in modern manufacturing processes. Our state-of-the-art drill boasts of immense versatility—swiftly adapting to both soft and hard materials while achieving highly efficient results consistently.

Thanks to its unique design and high-performance materials, this drill delivers precise square-edged holes, aligned & curved holes as well as blind ones expertly. A major edge of this tool is its high-efficiency rate that allows for increased feed rates without affecting hole integrity; leading up to faster outputs and significantly reduced production times than alternative tools available in the market today. Besides excellent output rates , The Indexable Insert Drill promises durability with proven ability to handle multiple drilling tasks sans replacement parts - effectively reducing maintenance costs over time .This highly versatile equipment suits different applications within an array of industries including aerospace manufacturing , automobile industry heavy machinery construction amongst others .

From steel to copper or even aluminum-our drill guarantees efficiency in varied materials . Evidently,the Indexable Insert Drill stands out as an innovative tool poised to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes. Elevate your production processes by using our advanced Indexable Insert Drill - engineered for optimal precision, durability, and efficiency benefits! Its remarkable performance results from the utilization of specialized H13 high-hardness steel alongside evenly distributed forces which yield exceptional efficiency levels across multiple materials! You'll also appreciate this product's adaptability for seamlessly integrating into diverse workshop environments seamlessly - let us help you realize increased productivity today! Invest in an Indexable Insert Drill as soon as possible!


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