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Factory Outlet High Precision Morse Taper Reducing Sleeves DIN2187

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DIN2187 Morse lengthening and reducing sleeve is a kind of pipe connection element, its main features are as follows: 

1.Compared with the ordinary reducing sleeve, the extended diameter reducing sleeve has an increased length, which is more suitable for use in occasions that require longer connecting pipes.

2. Adopting the Morse structure design, it has good sealing performance when the inner diameter and outer diameter are different, which can effectively prevent water leakage and penetration. 

3. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it has good corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in a complex working environment without being affected. 

4. The interior is specially treated and the surface is smooth, which reduces the resistance when the liquid in the pipeline passes through, thus saving energy. 

5. The installation is simple and convenient, and only a slight expansion force can be used to fit the extension reducer into the corresponding pipe, so it is safe and reliable. In general, DIN2187 Morse lengthening and reducing sleeve is a pipe joint with excellent performance, simple structure and convenient use. Therefore, it is widely used in petrochemical, chemical, tobacco, food and pharmaceutical and other industrial fields.

Application Milling Machine Brand MSK
MOQ 3 PCS Type MT1 MT2 MT3 MT4 MT5 MT6
Material 45# Advantage Ordinary Product



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