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Factory Direct Sales Carbide Collet Chuck For Lathe

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Chuck is a device for clamping objects, its characteristics are as follows

1. Strong clamping: The collet can generate enough clamping force through mechanical or hydraulic system to ensure that the object will not loosen or shift during processing or fixing.

2. Versatility: The collet can be used to clamp objects of various shapes and sizes, suitable for different processing or fixing needs.

3. Flexibility: The chuck has adjustable clamping force and jaw size, which can be adjusted according to specific needs to suit different working scenarios.

4. Accuracy: The collet has good positioning and centering ability, which can realize precise clamping and positioning of objects, and improve the precision and accuracy of processing.

5. Efficiency: The collet usually adopts a quick-change mechanism, which can quickly and easily replace the fixture, improving work efficiency and production efficiency.

6. Durability: Chucks are usually made of high-strength materials, which have good wear and corrosion resistance, and can withstand long-term and high-frequency use.

7. Safety: The chuck is usually equipped with a safety protection device to avoid injuries or accidents to the operator during the clamping process. In general, collets are characterized by strong clamping, versatility, flexibility, precision, high efficiency, durability and safety, which make them widely used in various industrial and production fields.

Brand  MSK MOQ 3 PCS 
Material Carbide/Steel  Hardness HRC55-60
8 4



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