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Factory Direct Sales C25-FMB27 C20-FMB22 Straight Shank Shell Mill Arbor

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Straight shank milling cutter holder is a commonly used cutting tool attachment with the following characteristics: 

1.The tool is fixed and stable: the straight shank milling tool holder is directly inserted into the tool holder to fix the tool, which makes the connection between the tool and the milling tool holder more firm and stable, and can withstand high cutting force and vibration. 

2. Easy to install and replace: The tool holder of the straight shank milling cutter holder adopts a standard straight shank interface to facilitate the installation and replacement of tools of different types and sizes. This can quickly adapt to different processing needs and improve work efficiency. 

3. High rigidity and rigidity transmission: Straight shank shell milling cutter shafts are generally made of high-strength alloy steel materials with high rigidity, which can effectively transmit cutting force, reduce tool vibration and deformation, and improve cutting accuracy. 

4. High degree of coincidence of the center of the circle: By improving the precision and process of the straight shank shell milling cutter, it can ensure a high degree of coincidence between the center of the tool and the center of the milling cutter, thereby improving the machining accuracy and surface quality. 

5. Wide range of applications: Straight shank milling cutters are suitable for different types of milling operations, such as plane milling, three-dimensional milling, boring, etc., and have strong versatility. To sum up, the straight shank milling cutter has the characteristics of stable tool fixing, easy installation and replacement, high rigidity and rigid transmission, high degree of center coincidence, and wide application range, and is widely used in the field of mechanical processing.


C20-FMB22 C25-FMB22

C25-FMB27 C32-FMB32

Usage Cnc Milling Machine Lathe
MOQ 3 PCS Material 40Cr
Brand MSK Package

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