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BT30 BT40 Face Mill Arbor

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Product Name BT30 BT40 Face Mill Arbor Material 40Cr
Brand MSK Type Milling Tools
Origin Tianjin Structure type Integral
MOQ 5pcs per size Processing range Steel parts
Coated Uncoated Applicable machine tools Milling machine

1. High precision manufacturing, stable performance, effectively prolonging the life of the toolholder and excellent shock resistance.

2. Good toughness, strong wear resistance, the body is made of high quality 20CrMnTi, with high thermal strength and oxygen resistance, as well as good overall mechanical properties, fully carburized heat treatment, inner and outer diameter grinding, strong wear resistance, stable quality.

3. Quenching and hardening, high concentricity, superior material with quenching process, high concentricity, good processing effect, improve processing efficiency and prolong tool life.

BT-FMBFace Mill ArborBT30 Face Mill ArborFace mill holderBt40 face mill holderBt40 face mill arbor

BT-FMBFace Mill ArborFace mill holder详情_10

Our latest range of BT30 and BT40 face mill arbors promises to revolutionize your machining experience- offering unmatched quality at an affordable price point! As a leading name in precision manufacturing solutions we're committed to creating products that exceed customer expectations- this new line is no exception!

With these meticulously engineered face mill arbors you get outstanding precision coupled with unrivaled stability during usage- thanks to their incredible shock resistant capabilities! Whether used in harsh industrial settings or across various sectors- these tools deliver impeccable results every time.

Built with toughness & wear resistance in mind our arbors are crafted from superior Grade 20CrMnTi material known for its excellent thermal strength and oxygen resistance. Each unit also undergoes fully carburized heat treatment before getting subjected to rigorous inner/outer diameter grinding, ensuring that the wear resistant properties remain intact throughout the tools lifespan.

Our team understands that achieving absolute concentricity is key when working with milling machines which is why we've designed our face mill arbors undergo rigorous quenching procedures followed by hardening processes ensuring that every cut exceeds expectations when using this vital piece of equipment alongside one of our cutting tools regardless what material you are focused on. Whats more our BT30 and BT40 arbors can work seamlessly with a wide array of machine tools which makes them perfect for professionals working in highly specialized fields or capable hobbyists alike. We've spent over two decades committed to honing our expertise in precision manufacturing and ensuring that quality is never compromised; its no wonder machinists around the world turn to us as their preferred supplier.

Choose our face mill arbors and experience unprecedented innovation without sacrificing a reliable cutter.


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